by M.C.

You are disconnected

You stand with arms outstretched reaching out, tears falling down your face,

But you can only turn away, feeling alone.

You attempt a smile, heart light should shine out through your chest,

But it remains burrowed deep and out of view.

Words flow from your mouth and others laugh,

But you are simply empty.

The sunrise stirs you and dusts your eyes,

But inside there is only darkness.

You let water wash over you, cleansing they call it,

But it leaves you tired and sore.

People circle you, embrace you, maybe hold you and love you,

But you just want them to go away.

You stand drained, another day on its merry way,

But you wonder how man more to come like this.

You look at the mirror with only beauty and perfection reflected,

But you see a lowly shadowy silhouette.

Its raining again they say as drips race down the window pane,

But you can’t remember when it ever stopped. 

You talk it through and spend hours watching his socks as he consumes your miserable life,

But one day something shifts.

You take a step, just one at a time, day by day,

But you keep going.

You walk faster, feeling and hearing your heartbeat,

But the weight is lifting, and your lungs stretch and feel more open.

You smile to yourself and speak kind words as you brush your teeth,

But it feels nice, like warmth is returning to your soul.

You seek out that company and tell them that inside it was cloudy for you,

But now there are streams of golden light, you can see them now.

There are still dark corners that raise up to say hello, catching you unaware,

But those moments, part of the journey, are fewer and fewer.

You are reconnecting. 

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