Lament for Sophie Ann

Her eyes shed despair so tired and weak

Though a soft satin touch caresses her cheek

She faithfully, tearfully hugs to her breast

A vacant faced bundle of innocence blessed

Tiny heart beating body and soul

Love given so freely taking its toll.

Trace that young life so perfectly formed

Her young slender body keeping it warm

Look at her face so tender and beautiful

It was you gave her life with labour so dutiful

Though your spirit is broken, consider your quest

And murmur a prayer for this infant at rest.

Born in this wilderness, caught in the night

Drawn to this world by a fireside light,

From the cot take this infant down to the shore.

Let her see the sun dawning, glimpse the dark lore

For a mother in mourning bequeath but a meal

Love’s hungry, love’s wounded emotions congeal

What hope for her life in this festering soil

With the sweat from her brow ablaze with its toil.

She must go to the God who granted her life

As wondrous nature ends all her strife.

Princess from the womb akin to a pauper

Unbuckle her gown for the death that has sought her

See the wave take her, life  ebbing away

Woefully, wailfully ending her day

Till she cries out for love, her dignity perished

“Oh God let the tears of this life that was cherished

Sink into the sea of such desolation

And rest on the sands of some dark consolation.

A poem by John Anthony

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