Pub Crawl

She waited outside the pub. He wasnt late but he wasnt early. He was wearing his long black coat doing his Morrissey impression. In selecting it from amongst his other casual clothes he thought it would do some of the work of creating mystery where there was none. Perhaps sensitivity too. Where there was very little. She had used every available moment before the time to leave to meet him for the date to get ready. She had taken a lift offered to the bus station and travelled 2 hours on the bus to get to the town to meet. He had shuffled across the road to his friends house and spent the time before the date drinking spirits. The friends house was near the pub for the date so that if he was over oiled he would make it over to the pub in one piece. He mentally shook hands with himself at his cleverness. He thought he would talk about the date and drink and joke about it an be emboldened at the comical nature of it all. She had done all of her research and he matched all of her criteria on paper. He was a perfect fit in her mind.

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