Nice to meet you

Hi, how are you? You are Graham aren’t you? I am Yvonne. Yeah, I know, nice to meet you.  ‘Well you dont look like it’s nice to meet anyone’.  Yvonne decided to call it and go for the cheeky, sassy approach.  She wanted to address his lack of warmth with humour.  Not knowing what confrontation with this person might mean for her so decided to be cautious.  She took a breath and looked over at him.  All of a sudden she found herself reaching over to stroke his cheek.  He flinched.  He moved back from her hand with an awkward jerky movement as though trying to avoid a hot poker coming at his face.  She smiled a gentle, knowing smile.  She reached over and did it again.  He stayed frozen but watched her hand as it delicately moved a strand of hair back from his face.  He looked up at her in askance at what she thought she was doing.  She said ‘I dont know’.

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