A Moment’s Pause

A lady kept in waiting went to sew

“Time goes so slow

Why it’s past ten.

Those frightful men!

Oh dear” she thought,

“I’m overwrought”

So she relaxed her pace

By threading  shapes upon some lace.

Then twixt her thumb and finger

In a moments thoughtful linger

The needle came to rest.

That was best

For in that moment’s pause

A world was giver cause.

Upon its outermost point it speedily revolved.

Amid a galaxy of atoms it evolved

And as aeons rambled on

It produced some creatures strong

In limb and soul

And progress took its toll.

Well there was sadness and gaiety,

Routine and spontaneity

With righteousness and justice and hardly any flaws

Except for the unjust and some criminal laws.

There were wars of mutilated cost

So statisticians at last

After centuries past

Said an average of half always lost.

Then it all abruptly ended

When this world quietly transcended

Time and space

To the detriment of its race.

But do not fret

Nor yet regret  

For it was a mere pause in this lady’s time

And her world in turn was but a mere pause in mine.

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